A kitten, wet from the rain, sat in the parking lot and cried, begging people to help her


A small cat was sitting in the rain in the parking lot and meowing, trying to get the attention of passers-by. But only one woman listened to her cry and gave her a new life and a new friend.

One rainy day, Katie Blowin found her leaving the hospital. In the parking lot near her car, she heard a faint cry, went there and saw a wet kitten.

When the woman approached her, the baby immediately ran, but she managed to grab the kitten and carry it to the car.

At first she hissed at him, but then she realized that the woman just wanted to help her. It was clear that someone had abandoned the kitten and was not looking for her.

She decided to take the cat home. The woman’s children gave the rescued cat a name – Whippet.

The cat bathed well and warmed up well, she was very cold outside in the rain. On the same day, the cat expressed its deep gratitude to its rescuer. She buried herself in his shoulder, purring loudly and fell asleep gently…

The family also has another cat – Oreo, who was extremely interested in the new family member. Little Whippet was kept in another room for several days until it was time to introduce them.

Whippet immediately liked the cat, starting to rub up against it. Later, she did not leave him, they played. Oreo himself took care of her like his baby.

Maybe the whippet thinks Oreo is its mother. From the first meeting, these two became inseparable! The Whippet repeats everything Oreo does: plays, sleeps, walks around the house, and just enjoys a friend.

Whippet is now 4 months old and continues to be Oreo’s «little shadow».

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