The girl rescued the abandoned bear cub and now they are going fishing together with her best friend.


Veronika Dichka conquered Instagram with her splendid photographs in which she appears fishing in the middle of a lake located in the Novosibirsk region in northern Siberia, in the company of a huge mammal, her pet: the Archie bear.

In most Western countries, there are fairly clear regulations regarding which animals might be considered «domesticated» and which are not.

The boundaries are usually drawn with reference to animals that could never lead a dignified life in a house with a small garden, or even worse, in an apartment.

But they also refer to all those potentially dangerous species, which could therefore harm the integrity of their masters or other people.

However, in Russia, the situation is quite different. Here, indeed, there are many stories of adorable creatures who were lucky enough to live with humans.

It should be noted, however, that in this case, as in the previous ones, the background is always remote, decidedly wild places, such as Siberia, and sparsely populated cities.

In such fascinating, wonderful and unspoiled environments, some daring people like Veronica Dichka, a woman from the Novosibirsk region (northern Siberia), can spend their time in the company of animals that are unique and unimaginable to say the least.

We now introduce you to Archie, an imposing adult bear that this brave girl constantly spends her days with.

The story of how faithful Archie arrived in the arms of his mistress seems like something straight out of a storybook due to its uniqueness.

The bear was just a little hug when the local zoo he lived in filed for bankruptcy. The imminent closure of the place unfortunately meant only one thing: that the little one would no longer have a home.

Veronika, who at the time was only a child, had learned the sad story and so she steeled herself and offered to adopt him.

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